"No one stays at the top forever."

Sean. 24. kentucky.

Life fucking rules!

So stoked! I’ve had band practices all week and I feel like I’m becoming a tighter drummer because of it. This week is a busy/productive one. I’m buying a bike off Louis, I get a huge bonus check from work on Wednesday so I’m buying all new heads and cymbals and maybe a new pedal for my set, filling in on drums for One More Go and practicing with my band, Hello Jersey also my raise will be on my overtime check on Thursday. This week fucking rules! Next week will also be tight because it’s my band’s first local show. All our friends are playing, Impressive Heroics, A Better Life, Lucifuge, Born As Ghost and I’ll be playing drums for One More Go that night also. Come check it out! April 13th at The Mad Hatter. And the Wonder Years, Fireworks & Make Do and Mend show is Sunday. Go listen to the new Title Fight album. That is all.